Why “Ash Kitchen”?

Traditionally, soap is made from ash and fats. When no commercial chemicals are available in the market, people used to make their soaps. The process of making soap is tedious, it involves craftsmanship and dedication just to produce one bar of soap. However, the result of this tedious process is pure, organic, and no artificial chemicals that can harm the skin.

In Ash Kitchen, we see this traditional process of making soap as our guiding principle in producing natural and high-quality products. Tired of all these commercially available products that usually have harmful chemicals and additives, we formulate our own based on the purest and natural ingredients. 

“Naturally BE-YOU-tiful”–this is our belief. Beauty is not about the things that you put to mask imperfections. We believe that real beauty has imperfections, and imperfection itself is the very essence of our being.

From our soaps to other body essentials, we make sure and guarantee that all our ingredients are pure, and no harmful chemicals added. Meticulously, our process is all handmade, crafted not only by our hands but also by love.

BE YOU, be Naturally Be-YOU-tiful!


100% handmade! We ensure that every product that we make is truly a work of art and with love. We only use high quality and natural ingredients. Like the food we eat, we treat our product as food to our skin. That is why we practice only the highest food-safety standards. Our products are not produced in high volume factories, we make it the way we meticulously prepare our food…in ASH KITCHEN.


We advocate sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. While we aim for a profitable enterprise, we also aim for the protection of the environment by using natural raw materials, eco-friendly packaging, and continuously reinventing ourselves as a social enterprise that supports local industry.


Our mission is to provide consumers of natural and healthy alternative products that are free from harmful ingredients and chemicals. We aim to also protect the environment by using package-free or minimal packaging materials that are less harmful to the environment.


We will be the embodiment of a globally successful and sustainable enterprise that aims to preserve and protect the environment while promoting the local economy.